Providing a high level of resistance to attack, M2M3 doors have achieved LPCB accreditation to LPS 1175: Issue 7 Security Rating 3.

SR3 testing replicates a deliberate forced entry using a wide selection of attack options, including a gas torch, scissor jack, and a pad saw.

M2M3 doors are made to measure in single, leaf and a half, and double configurations, with optional fixed or removable side and/or top panels.

Offering the most extensive series of SR3 certified options, M2M3 doorsets are available with a wide range of hardware, louvres, vision panels, and MICO Abryll locking options.

The M2M3 is a versatile, bespoke-manufactured door set that can be configured for installation in a variety of applications, including airports, retail outlets, and defence buildings.

M2M3FD doorsets are also available with the added benefit of third party fire accreditation, should you need a combined solution for security and fire requirements.

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