HIGH Speed Doors Monaghan

Our engineers, highspeed door specialists have this week complete the installation of an 8m x 10m high-speed door installed as part of a 10 door high-speed door project in county Monaghan.
Manufactured by BMP DOORS

Fire Door Crash Doors

  • 2 X 60 min fire door crash doors manufactured by DorTEC
  • Installed at B&M Bargains for Totalis

Carpark shutter

A recent project in Newtownards led us to use a punched lath shutter for air flow added to this we used a Link Controls MFZ high use motor to sustain the traffic going through the shutter on a daily basis

The shutter is fully automated with remote control access with safety edges and both high and low level photo cells to ensure safety at all times

The shutter is working intensively every day and the client is pleased with the result