Robust Stainless Steel Doors

Robust Stainless Steel Doors are manufactured from grade 304 or 316 stainless steel sheet and are suitable for environments requiring corrosion protection. Stainless steel doors are also available in a wide range of coloured, textured and patterned finishes to suit specific design requirements. Individual company logos or messages can additionally be etched into the sheet as a unique design feature.

Stainless steel doors are generally split into 3 categories:

Doors required to be functional: for use in areas where timber or galvanised steel will rot or corrode.
Doors required to be attractive: for use in high quality offices or public buildings. A stainless steel door offers an impression of quality from the outset.
Doors required for additional durability: stainless steel doors with 'stucco' or 'chequer plate' patterns resist scratches and marks for longer than basic doors.
In all three cases, the material is an important element in choosing stainless steel. Stainless steel is manufactured from 70% recycled materials and is available in a massive range of colours textures and patterns. A Robust Stainless Steel Doorset is 90% - 100% recyclable but the benefits of stainless steel extend beyond just their environmental aspects.

Stainless Steel Doors

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