Committed to you

    We've been repairing your doors and shutters for over 20 years. That pretty much makes us the experts. And we use that expertise, and our team of fully trained, highly skilled staff to give you a great service.

    It doesn't matter if your door is old, broken or completely destroyed, because we can fix it. Better still, we won't just get it working again. We'll repair it to a quality that will last.

    Whenever you need us

    If your shutters go down at 2 in the morning, you don't want to be hanging around while your building is unprotected. Especially when our repair services runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    We'll even go a step further. Our rapid response guarantee means we promise to be on site within 4 hours of your call - nationwide. That's a service you can't beat.

    Always keep your product in the best condition

    Wouldn't it be great if you could keep your doors and shutters protected against break down and repair? Well, with Industrial Door Specialists, you can.

    With our excellent after sales maintenance package, you can ensure your doors and shutters not only last longer, but stay running smoothly for longer.

    Never spend a night without a secure shop

    If you're worried that any damage or faults with your aluminium shop shutters might mean your business isn't secure, just give us a call.

    As specialists in shop shutters, we can come out and repair the damage usually within 4 hours, to make sure that your shop is secure as soon as possible, and will remain so for a long time after.

    All our staff are trained to the highest levels of skill and fully qualified to conduct repairs and maintenance on any size doors or shutters.

    Qualified quality just a phone call a way. Call on 028 9044 8401







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