Our locally manufactured insulated sectional doors are not only designed to give good insulation they are designed to give you exactly the product you required.

We have standard insulated panels manufactured by Kingspan giving you a high insulation property of 0.51W/m2K and a complete door insulation property of 1.2W/m2K.

The standard door is 40mm thick Kingspan "FIRE SAFE" panels with premium quality galvanised steel filled with polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulation.

The strengths of the panel along with all the perimeter joint seals gives unrivalled protection against wind and rain ingress

We can offer a full range of standard plastisol colours factory produced or should you require a special colour we can we can have this sprayed to suit your needs

We can also offer a Kingspan 80mm panels again further enhancing the insulation property of your premises

Should you require some natural light or lots of natural light we can offer windows or fully glazed panels to your new insulated sectional door to suit your requirements

We also have access to a full range of repair panel to suit most manufactures including Kingspan, Nassau, Horman etc etc.

As you can imagine we also have access to a full range of sectional door repair components to keep your sectional door operational.

Please give us a call to discuss your new insulated door requirements or the repair of your existing Insulted Sectional Door

Interested or got any questions?