Punched roller shutters are normally used in areas were high visibility and security are required such as jewelers shops and other retail environments. You can have simple punched in a galvanised steel curly lathe or you can have punched and glazed available were you want the visibility but not the open holes. Punched retail shutters are normally operated via a tubular motor with keyswitch or remote control operation


Punched roller shutters are also used very successfully were airflow is critical in such places as a carparks were when attached to a high use quality motor the shutter can offer the security you need for the carpark area. Carpark shutters can be controlled via a number of mean including keyswitch remote control or can even be added into your current swipe card system. When these shutters are fully automated for use in a carpark they come complete with safety features such as photo cells (high and low level) plus a self monitoring safety edge

So whether you want a punched shutter for your shop premises .to give good vision or to secure your carpark we at INDUSTRIAL DOOR SPECIALISTS can offer you the complete range.

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punched roller shutter 3
punched roller shutter 2 Punched and glazed retail shutter
punched lathpunched roler shutter 3

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