Self-repairable High-speed Door has been designed for use in warehouses, logistics centres, premises and any kind of productive plants where there is an intense flow of goods, always assuring great tightness.

The door comprises a high-strength PVC canvas fixed to a galvanised steel frame with a geared motor activated by control panel with frequency inverter.

The main feature it offers is its exclusive self-repairable function, which means that when anything accidently hits the door, the canvas comes out of the guides without damaging any element of it. The door then automatically returns to its guide and continues to work as normal.

Main feature to bear in mind in the PRAR:

  • Excellent tightness: Perfect blockage of wind currents thanks to the guide-zip adjustment.
  • Self-repair guaranteed: If the canvas is accidentally hit, the door automatically repairs itself.
  • Maximum safety above all: It includes two safety systems: a curtain of photocells and an unrolling photocell.
  • Wind resistance: Certificate of passing all class 3 tests (resistance up to 122 km/h).

Technical data:

  • Application: Indoor and outdoor
  • Structure: Galvanised steel
  • Max. size: 4000 x 4500mm
  • Material-canvas: High-strength (1300g/m2)
  • Max. speed: Opening and closing (~1.0m/s)
  • Wind strength: Class 3 (winds of 122.93km/h)
  • Safety: A rolling photocell and a safety curtain of photocells.
  • Frame colours: 6 colours available (White, yellow, red, light blue, dark blue, grey).
  • Canvas colours: 5 colours available (white, yellow, red, dark blue and grey).

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