The Rolling High-speed Door from Inkema with aluminium frame is suitable for areas of high transit where fast opening and closing actions are required. It has been designed for use in stores and/or installations of any industrial sector: logistics, foodstuff, automobile, etc...

The door comprises a PVC canvas and is fixed to an aluminium frame with a galvanised steel drum cover and supports. The structure of the new high-speed doors comprises a simple set of 3 different anodised extruded aluminium profiles that combine to form the whole frame.

The noise reduction function is achieved by using extra soft brushes developed exclusively for Inkema, which also improve the tightness of the installation.

Main features to bear in mind in the PRAE:

  • Guaranteed noise reduction: The new seals formed by extra soft brushes guarantee less noise.
  • Great rustproof capacity: Thanks to its anodised aluminium structure, low rust levels are guaranteed.
  • Fast to install and easy to repair: The door comes pre-installed. Low maintenance.
  • Safety levels exceeded: It includes two safety systems: an electric band at the bottom of the door and safety photocells.

Technical data:

  • Application: Indoor
  • Structure: Aluminium
  • Max. size: 4000 x 4000mm
  • Material-canvas: High-strength PVC (900g/m2)
  • Max. speed: Opening & closing (~1.0m/s)
  • Safety: Resistive safety beam (standard). A Safety photocell (standard). Photocell curtain (optional).
  • Canvas and frame colours: 10 colours available

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