Fire and smoke containment are of paramount importance in the construction and redevelopment of any building.

NECO Fire Gard automatic fire curtains offer a compact, flexible, and aesthetically neutral solution to smoke and fire control. They’re more efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly than more traditional methods of fire and smoke containment such as separation firewalls and traditional fire doors.


  • Intelligent gravity fail-safe descent
  • Prevents the spread of fire & smoke up to 4 hours
  • Compact & discreet design
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install
  • Available as either insulated or non-insulated
  • Vertical & horizontal application
  • Suitable for use in areas with low headroom & large openings
  • Lowest lifetime running & maintenance costs

NECO Fire Gard fire curtains are rigorously tested and comply with all relevant UK, European and International safety standards for fire resistance and maximum deflection.

Download More Information

Download the NECO Fire Curtain Spec for more information on fire curtains.

Download the specs for NECO 90 Minute Fabric and NECO 240 Minute Fabric.

Download a NECO Fire Gard product brochure for more information on our fire curtains.


Automatic fire curtains come with a compact header box  and flexible curtain connected to the revolutionary NECO 24v DC Tubular Motor control system.

The fire curtain system contains a unique disc locking system which stops the fire curtain binding inside the header box  significantly increasing the reliability of the system.

The fire control system is available with colour coded guides box and bottom rails to complement the various mounting positions and space limitations.

The automatic fire curtain offers up to 4 hours fire protection when manufactured with the superior NECO 240+ fabric.


Standard Features

Battery Back-Up: If the power supply fails, the in-built battery back-up system maintains operation of the fire curtain for up to 96 hours.  If the power isn’t restored, the fire curtain will gravity fall to its fire-ready position and alerting the user of the power failure.

Audio-Visual: An audio siren and flashing beacon offer a warning that the fire curtain is about to descend. This warning will continue until the fire curtain is in its fire-ready position (closed).

Delay Before Descent: When a fire alarm is activated, NECO Fire Gard fire curtains can delay their descent for up to 16 minutes. The fire curtain will remain in its retracted position, allowing safe evacuation of a building. After a set period of time the fire curtain will automatically close.

Split Drop Delay: Once the alarm is activated, the fire curtain will descend to its split drop position. The curtain can remain in this position for up to 16 minutes. It also acts as a smoke curtain, stopping the spread of smoke and allowing safe evacuation before descent.

Auto Return Reset: If the alarm is activated and the fire curtains have fully descended, they will remain in this position whilst the alarm remains activated. Once the fire alarm has been reset, the curtains will automatically return to the open position. This is vital if there are multiple curtains. They will return to the open position without the need to be raised individually.

Emergency Retract: If the fire curtain has been activated and people are trapped, the emergency retract switch can be activated which raises the fire curtain allow people to escape. The fire curtain will once again descend giving full fire protection.

Double Knock Fire Activation: The Fire Control Panel can operate a double knock fire alarm activation. For instance, upon alarm activation, the fire curtain will descend to the split drop delay position and act solely as a smoke curtain. The fire curtain will only fall to the floor once a second signal is received, either from a second fire signal or a stand alone relay based smoke or heat detector.

Deadman & Auto Operation: The control panel can be set in automatic operation up and automatic operation down, or automatic operation up and deadman down.

Volt Free Fire Alarm Connection: The NECO Fire Gard Fire Control Panel can receive a volt free fire alarm signal.

Building Management System: The NECO fire control panel allows fire curtains to be connected to a building management system. This means that the control room in a large building complex can monitor designated areas to see the position of all the fire curtains.

Obstacle Detection: A photocell with a flashing beacon and sounder is connected to the Fire Control Panel. If an object is under the fire curtain, the alarm will activate until the object is removed.